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Operating Instructions

WR Bridge Plug Wireline Installation PDF | Embed


This guide aims to provide a short and simple instruction for wireline installation of the Evolution Oil Tools WR Retrievable Bridge Plug.


WR Bridge Plug - Exploded Diagram


Note icon The illustration above is intended as a guide only.


Bridge Plug

Step 1

Prior to installation of the WR Retrievable Bridge Plug consideration needs to be given as to the means of retrieval.


Note icon The WR must be fully shifted to allow the plug to be pulled from the well.
Wireline Adapter Kit

Step 2

Connect the WR Retrievable Bridge Plug to a wireline setting tool by means of a wireline adapter kit.


Note icon It is HIGHLY recommended the WR Retrievable Bridge Plug is set using a slow burn charge this will help prevent a poor set in the casing..
wireline installation of bridge plug

Step 3

Hoist the bridge plug into the wireline lubricator and then connect to the wellhead. Once all connections have been made and the lubricator has been purged run the plug to desired depth.

Slips and Elements

Release Stud Breaking

Step 4

Fire the setting tool charges to set the bridge plug.  This will shift the tool to the set position with the elements compressed and the slips engaged into the casing wall. This process will also break off the release stud at the top of the bridge plug.


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