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Operating Instructions

WR Bridge Plug Retrieval PDF | Embed


This guide aims to provide a short and simple instruction for retrieval of the Evolution Oil Tools WR Retrievable Bridge Plug.


WR Retrieving Tool

Step 1

Make up the WR Retrieving Tool to the tubing string and run in the well. Once at depth the retrieving head can be used to circulate any sand or debris that may be sitting on top of the plug.


Note icon Circulate onto the plug to make sure the bore is clear before pulling the bridge plug.
Retrieving bridge plug with retrieving tool

Step 2

With the bore clear simply lower the tubing onto the plug. Releasing of the shear screws in the equalizing sleeve often occurs at this time.


Hoisting WR Bridge Plug

Step 3

Allow time for any differential pressures to equalize. Hoist or pull back the tubing where a slight over-pull is normal the plug will then release. It is suggested the operation be stopped for a period of time in order to allow the sealing elements to relax so the well is not swabbed in or rubber is not left in the well while retrieving.


Note icon In an emergency the retrieving head may be rotated to the right in order to disconnect from the plug.


Note icon When the WR Bridge Plug is installed in Coiled Tubing a Shear Sub will have to be installed prior to running the Retrieving Tool.


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