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Customer Testimonials



“The ‘Super Anchor’ saved us! The other Anchors that we were using were unable to hold up to the PC Pump torque and vibration and unable to anchor the Tubing properly. Once we installed the Evolution CATA (Centralizing Advanced Torque Anchor) that problem was solved.”
9-5/8” Casing x 4-1/2” Tubing


- Operations Engineer – Occidental Mukhaizna L.L.C. (Oxy) – Sultanate of Oman



“I think the Evolution ATA (Advanced Torque Anchor) is the best Torque Anchor design in the market!”


- Senior Manager - Alberta based PCP Systems provider


PCP International

"We at PCP International are a dealer for Progressive Cavity Pumps.

We highly recommend using the Evolution Gas Separator on all wells that have gas present so as to keep as much gas as possible from entering the pump.

It will reduce torque due to gas, and lost efficiency in the pump.

They are quite simple to install and easy to break down and cleanup for rerun. It has no moving parts to break.

We have tried other models and brands, but Evolution Brand fits well for us because they have a separator for both light and heavy crude oil."


-James Walter / PCP International

Oil Lift Technology Inc.

"Here at Oillift Technology we use your Light oil PC Gas Separator on every PC pump we run in the hole. We have never ran into any problems with any of your products we use and they do their job as needed. I have had a gas separator in the hole for a year now and we just pulled the pump about a week ago we inspected all the parts and pieces and the EOT tools were in tip top condition. I personally took the PC Gas Separator apart and inspected inside there was no wear or corrosion anywhere that I could see. And we will continue to use the EOT products on all of our PC installs."


- Kody Selman / Oillift Technology Inc.



“Evolution’s tools are very user friendly and easy to install. Their CRTA Anchors
set and release well even in deviations. Evolution’s Rotators have been installed
on our wells and we have never had any issues with them to date. Most have
been on for more than a year and are running fine.”


-Petro-Canada / Southern Alberta Region


Master Oil Tools

"Evolution Oil Tools has provided fast and efficient service to our company on
several occasions. Their products and equipment are reliable and when
ordered are here on time. On emergency orders Evolution Oil Tools was there
to provide service and equipment anytime of the day or night. We plan to
continue using Evolution Oil Tools as one of our major suppliers for our
downhole tools and completions company. The staff at Evolution Oil Tools is
very knowledgeable and prompt returning calls for our requirements."


-Bill Sowinski /Operations Manager /Master Oil Tools Inc. / Brooks, Alberta


Bonnyville, Alberta

“We were burning out pumps about every
second day, due to the Gas Separators
getting clogged up, at a rig time and pump
cost of about $20,000 - $25,000 each time!”

“After we installed the Eccentric Intake on those same wells, we were
getting about 6 months without rig expense, replacing parts and down
time and even the production string was pulled for other reasons, not
due to gas separator clogging. We have had this product in over a
dozen of our slant wells for 2 years now with great success!”


-Completion Supervisor / Bonnyville, Alberta


Talisman Energy Inc

“We currently have the Evolution Beam Gas Separator installed on about 35 of our wells. We actually don’t have any comparables to production prior to these Separators being installed, because we already knew that they increase production efficiency and so we had them installed on all of these wells as they were originally being completed. With our sand trap tubing located below the Gas Separator, there have only been two of them cleaned out to my knowledge and those production strings were pulled for other reasons.”


-Production Coordinator / Talisman Energy Inc. / Turner Valley, Alberta



“I believe the Evolution line of Tubing Rotators, are most cost effective than that of the competition. Not having serviced one yet makes me believe the durability of the product is far superior to any other models I have come across.”


-NOV/CE Franklin Ltd / Provost, Alberta

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