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Why Use Evolution Oil Tools Tubing Rotators?


The tubing in a beam pump or progressive cavity pump (PCP) pumped oil well represents the second largest capital investment. With every day, every stroke or turn on the pumping unit causes wear in the tubing. With every stroke, the wear on the inside of the tubing increases. The rods will always tend to lie on the downside of the tubing so, on every stroke of the pumping unit the rods wear into the metal of the tubing.  In a typical pumping well running at 10 strokes per minute, the rods will move against the tubing 14,400 times per day! Eventually this wear can even puncture the tubing.

You have invested in a full 360° of tubing, yet because of the way the rods act downhole in the tubing, you are only getting the effective use out of 20° of the tubing.  Are you happy knowing that you may only be using five and a half percent of the  tubing surface?

While rod rotators will reduce wear on the rods, the rods still lie in same location downhole, wearing the production tubing wall unevenly.

There is a system that will give you the full use of the tubing you paid for.

Tubing Rotator

The Evolution Oil Tools line of Tubing Rotators use a very simple idea. Rotate the tubing.

By gradually rotating the tubing, the wear from the rod is equally distributed over the entire area of the tubing. The tubing will last much longer saving you a lot of down time and costly retrofits.

Moreover, with the flexibility of using a manual, mechanical or electrical drive system to rotate the tubing, an appropriate solution to keep you up and running.

Our E-Plus Rotators are easily adapted to API wellheads, and our CTR Rotators can be installed without replacing your existing tubing hanger.

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