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Sliding Sleeves at Evolution Oil Tools

EL Sliding Sleeve

In Flow Control applications, Sliding Sleeves are essential tools for allowing communication between the tubular and the annulus.  This enables circulation and selective zone production in the oil or gas recovery operation.

Sliding Sleeves are set into either open or closed positions using standard wireline methods and the Evolution EB Shifting Tool.  The tool comes in a variety of configurations based on the application requirements.

Generally, Evolution Sliding Sleeves are distinguished as being either using upward jarring or downward jarring to open the tool; by the types of O-rings and seals that are installed in the tool, and by the nipple profile used in the tool.

Sliding Sleeve Infographic


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Evolution Oil Tools offers a complete line of Sliding Sleeve products to meet your needs.  For a full catalog of our Sliding Sleeve offering, Click Here.



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