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Extending Tool Life With Redress Kits

Redress Kits

The tools used on your string represent a major capital expense.  For torque anchors, swivels, sliding sleeves, packers, bridge plugs, and many other tools, Evolution offers redress kits, to help minimize these expenses.

Redress kits allow you to simply and easily get the parts you need for your oil tool. If the parts need to be replaced due to wear, breakage or any other reason, Evolution offers a full line of redress kits for your specific application.

Each redress kit is prepared specifically for your tool.

For torque anchors, most redress kits include anchor blocks, springs and the appropriate fasteners for the tool.  Depending on the part, centralizers may also be part of the kit.

Our swivel redress kits provide the exact O-Rings and Polypaks you need for the tool, saving you the time and effort of searching for these parts, along with ensuring your tools function properly and safely.

Evolution's packer redress kits provide the O-Rings, drag blocks, slips and elements you need, to get the tool back downhole and aiding your production.

With each kit, Evolution provides clear instructions for tool redressing.

When properly redressed, your oil tools can last the life of the well, and beyond.

Evolution saves you the trouble and expense of ordering items from separate vendors with our redress kits. When you order redress kits from Evolution, you can be sure that you are getting the most appropriate, and best quality parts directly from the manufacturer.

Contact us today to find out more about our redress kits.


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