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Oil Pity Party

Oil Pity Party

Evolution Oil Tools (EOT) was recently invited to a Leadstone Group / Oilfield Hub Connect event held at the Black Betty Burger & Wine Bar. Fittingly, the event theme was “Oil Pity Party” based on the recent Oil & Gas Industry uncertainty. There were over 100 people in attendance at this event and Evolution's Shaun Wold was given an opportunity to speak at it in representation of EOT as an Oilfield Hub Advocate:

"My message to the Hub Connect event attendees and in accordance with their theme of “Oil Pity Party” was that EOT was able to offer something in the industry downturn, that seemingly was from two sides of the coin," states Wold. "Both are sought after, particularly during industry uncertainty."


1) Over a process of over a year, we have lowered our manufacturing cost of goods (COGs). The result is being able to provide very aggressive pricing on offered products to our customers now.

2) We now welcome end user / producer Artificial Lift & Completion problems where a solution can be found in a tool design. If the requirements mean altering an existing offered tool, or developing something new, our Design group and in-house experience will determine the need and if we feel our team can offer a solution that is resource justifiable, we will get it into the design queue.

Oil Pity Party

All told, it was a really good event and Evolution was happy to have attended it!


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