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Update of Anchor Catcher Size Prevents Swabbing Failures


Evolution Oil Tools has updated the design of the 2 7/8 model SC-1 Anchor Catcher to allow for swabbing cup bypass.


May 21, 2015 - CALGARY, Alberta -- Evolution Oil Tools Inc. has announced that the 2 7/8 size SC-1 Anchor Catcher model has been redesigned to prevent swabbing failures, and allow for better swabbing results.

The SC-1 Anchor Catcher is a retrievable, double-grip tool designed to anchor the tubing string in tension or compression. When installed with the proper amount of tubing tension, this anchor prevents movement of the tubing string during rod pumping operations. Proper use of the tool results in improved oil production per pump stroke and extension of the life of the pump, rods and tubing.

SC-1 Anchor Catcher

“Our customers helped us identify the swabbing issue in the field and we responded with an appropriate corrective action, in this case a design change,” states Emery Stoesser, Design & Drafting Technologist at Evolution Oil Tools.

The previous version of the 2 7/8 size anchor did not permit swabbing equipment to pass through the tool without damage.  Now with an inner diameter that matches that of 2 7/8 tubing, we have eliminated the possibility of the SC-1 being the cause of swab failures.

The redesign also allows for improved swabbing as the cups maintain uninterrupted contact with the inner wall of the tool as they pass through the SC-1.


Performance and Reliability

The 2 7/8 model SC-1 Anchor Catcher is designed and built to the highest standards in the industry.

Distribution of the tool will be through Evolution’s locations in Calgary, Alberta; Lloydminster, Alberta; Edmonton Alberta; Victoria, Texas and Odessa, Texas.


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