CRTA Rotating Anchor Catcher

Maintain tension and rotation of tubing string, even in deviation conditions




  • Maintaining tubing string tension during rod pump operations using tubing rotators
  • Ideal for applications with large amounts of tail pipe below anchor point.
  • High deviation conditions



  • Freely-rotating mandrel and bearing design allows for entire tubing string to be rotated, even while under tension
  • Permits rotation of tubing string in high deviation conditions
  • Built-in emergency shear release

The CRTA Rotating Tubing Anchor Catcher is designed to hold the tubing string in tension during rod pump operations. The mandrel of the CRTA is free to rotate through the tool in the set position with tension pulled into the tubing. This allows the entire tubing string, including all tail pipe, gas/mud anchor, and the seating nipple to rotate.

The CRTA is ideal in applications where there is a great deal of tail pipe below the anchor point. It is also ideal for applications such as high deviation or horizontal wells where the tubing is run into the deviation or the horizontal section of the well and the anchor point is the vertical section of the well.

The CRTA is also useful for pulling tension and compliments a tubing rotator system.  The CRTA eliminates the need to use a tubing swivel in such situations.

The CRTA is full bore tubing anchor with opposing slips. The bearing system in the tool is engaged in the set position and allows rotation through the tool. The CRTA is set with ¼ turn left hand rotation and released with ¼ turn right hand rotation. The tool has an emergency shear release system. Straight tension pulled on the tubing string shears the shear system and allows the lower cone to move away from the slips. The entire tool can then be pulled from the wellbore.





Casing Weight



Part Number

5 1/2


13 - 17

(5.897 - 7.711)

CTRA Anchor 5 1/2 x 2 7/8 13 -17#



20 - 23

(9.072  - 10.433)

CTRA Anchor 5 1/2 x 2 7/8 20-23#




17 - 26

(7.711 - 11.793)

CRTA Anchor 7 x 2 7/8 17-26#



17 - 26

(7.711 - 11.793)

CRTA Anchor 7 x 3 1/2 17-26#



26 - 38

(11.793 - 17.237)

CRTA Anchor 7 x 2 7/8 26-38#


*Custom Sizes also available by request



CRTA Rotating Anchor Catcher

CTRA Rotating Tubing Anchor Catcher








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