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Flanged Coiled Tubing Head

Simplifying coiled tubing wellhead intervention



  • Coiled Tubing Completions
  • Selective Completions



  • Coiled tubing sizes from 1 in. (25.4mm) – 2.875 in. (73mm).
  • API 6a flange sizes and pressure rating compatible with wellhead design.
  • Material compliant to NACE MR0175 specifications.
  • HNBR standard elastomer material.
  • Other materials available upon request.
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The Flanged Coiled Tubing Head provides a safe and reliable system for installing coiled tubing into a live producing oil or gas well. The tubing hanger incorporates a three piece slip and seal design giving the operator positive indication of proper hanger positioning with in the coiled tubing head profile. The slip and seal assembly is positively locked in position with multiple tie down bolts.


This robust design can be retrofitted as a permanent component into any existing or new wellhead installation.  The tubing head is used in conjunction with standard surface isolation equipment including a tubing Access Work Window. Coiled Tubing is as easily retracted from the well leaving no components behind in the coiled tubing head. When the tubing hanger is removed from the tubing head, a large inner diameter allows the operator to perform subsequent well intervention operations without having to further break down the wellhead tree.



Flanged Coiled Tubing Head with Wrap-around Slip and Seal