Threaded Hanger

Efficient coil tubing access and servicing without production interruption



  • Support for heavy-duty coiled tubing equipment running larger tubing sizes



  • Three-piece slip set manufactured of high strength case hardened steel.
  • Robust designed body and cap.
  • Top cap creates lock-down on the slips and enhances compression seal with the packing element on the tubing.
  • Steel alloy retaining ring keeps packing element in place during coiled tubing string retrieval.
  • Packing element bonded to steel carrier rings with double
  • O-ring on packing element for added safety.
  • Interchangeable packing elements and slip sets allow change in tubing size without changing hanger body.
  • Side ports up to 1” NPT
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The Threaded Hanger has set the standard for reliability and economy for coiled tubing completions. This compact hanger used as a strip-thru style with the added feature of a hydraulic pack-off.


Coiled Tubing Sizes




Size Outlet
(in / mm)


.25 - 1.75

(6.35 - 44.45)

2 (50.8) NPT Pin



2 (50.8) NPT Box

2.375 (60.32) EUE Pin

1 (25.4) NPT

2.875 (73.02) EUE Pin





Threded Hanger


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