Clean Trip Dump Valve

Fill drill string while running



  • Normally open valve design.
  • Multiple actuation valve to cycle between annular and drill string flow.
  • Allows the drill string to fill while running in the hole.
  • Enables the operator to pull drill string dry.
  • Chassis and Spring Material NACE MR0175 Compliant
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The “Clean Trip” Dump Valve is a multi-activating valve used to establish circulation from the drill string to the annulus. The valve is designed as a normally open valve to allow the drill string to fill while going in the hole. Once on bottom, pump flow actuates the valve and shuts off flow to the annulus and diverts all flow to the mud motor.  Shutting down the pumps allows the valve to open reestablishing communication to the annulus allowing the drill string to pull dry.





Outer Diameter


Inner Diameter


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Dump Valve


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