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Burst Plug Tubing Drain

The Burst Plug Tubing Drain is simple in design and utilizes applied hydraulic pressure to rupture the membrane which opens the fluid port to the casing annulus, with no restrictions.

Burst Plug Tubing Drain Tech Doc

Technical Data Sheet

Burst Plug Tubing Drain Brochure

Burst Plug Tubing Drain Brochure

Safe and effective non-mechanical equalization of tubing strings


  • Equalizes the fluid level in tubing strings
  • Helps eliminate potential hazards of puling wet tubing strings
  • Used when tubing cannot be rotated or pulled to actuate mechanical draining devices
  • Can be implemented when corrosion build up restricts the ‘S’ drain from operating properly
  • Drains the tubing to minimize well fluids around the work zone
  • Provides a means to pump down the tubing to kill a well before pulling
  • Used in conjunction with over-sized tubing pumps that do not have operating drain valves
  • Drains tubing for submersible pumps equipped with a check valve and pumps in a high angle or straight hole, allowing for fluid circulation

Features & Benefits

  • Provides a positive indication of open drain
  • Eliminates shear pin devices
  • Provides the highest accuracy and reliability
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • One plug, available in three pressures for all tubing sizes, means less inventory and cost
  • No mechanical moving parts
  • No fragile O-rings to be damaged during assembly causing failure in the field


Evolution’s Burst Plug Tubing Drain provides a positive method to equalize the fluid level in tubing strings, without mechanical manipulation. Utilizing burst disc technology to provide accurate and reliable actuation of drain openings downhole, the Burst Plug Tubing Drain has been used in many types of wells to eliminate the potential hazards associated with pulling wet tubing strings.

Burst Plug Tubing Drain Diagram

Burst Plug Tubing Drain

Burst Plug Tubing Drain

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