Eccentric Intake Gas Separator

The Eccentric Intake from Evolution Oil Tools can save you money and increase production

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What price do you put on pump run

rate and production efficiency on

your horizontal wells?



  • Low pressure horizontal wells
  • High pressure horizontal wells
  • PC systems laying at a high degree of deviation
  • Sucker Rod Pumps laying at a high degree of deviation
  • Horizontal wells with 2 phase gas flow



  • Very low maintenance required
  • Simple installation and removal
  • Flow can enter from all directions
  • Orientation has no bearing on internal rotation
  • Run at bottom of pumping system
  • Overall cost savings
  • Increases production


  • Minimizes the distance between the outlet of the separator and the inlet of the pump
  • Design allows no turn tools and anchors to be run on the bottom
  • Alternative to open ended tubing or traditional gas separators when two phase gas flow is present

“We were burning out pumps about every second day, due to the Gas Separators getting clogged up, at a rig time and pump cost of about$20,000 - $25,000 each time! After we installed the Eccentric Intake on those same wells, we were getting about 6 months without rig expense, replacing parts and down time and even then the production string was pulled for other reasons, not due to gas separator clogging. We have had this product in over a dozen of our slant wells or 2 years now with great success!”

-Completion Supervisor
Bonnyville, Alberta

The Evolution Eccentric Intake Gas Separator for horizontal wells is a great alternative to open ended tubing or traditional gas separators where two phase gas flow is present.  This bottom feeder intake gas separator allows flow to enter from all directions.

The orientation of the outer housing has no bearing on the internal rotation of the intake.  The bottom of the tool is blunt ended, so no flow enters from this point.

Typically these separators are used on the bottom of Beam or Sucker Rod pumps and PC systems landed at a deviation greater than 71 degrees.


The Eccentric Intake Gas Separator is ran on the bottom of pumping system trying to minimize the distance between the outlet of the separator and the inlet of the pump.

No turn tools and anchors can be run on the bottom of the tools as long as they provide sufficient flow through across the tool to not restrict inlet flow.


Eccentric Intake Gas Separator


Brass Wear Bushing

Tool Data

Tool Diameter


Tool Length



(ft3/day / m3/day)

2 3/8






2 7/8






3 1/2






4 1/2







*Volume calculations are based on water as a base point, as viscosity will differ with each application and should be provided for Intake sizing and expected performance.




Eccentric Intake




Eccentric Intake Gas Separator




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