ATA - Advanced Torque Anchor

The Evolution ATA – Advanced Torque Anchor (ATA) is a simple and reliable solution for preventing tubing back-off when using progressing cavity (PC) pumps. The ATA transfers PC pump torque to the casing walls.


The bypass capability of the ATA is second to none. In most configurations, the ATA offers greater than 95% of the potential bypass available past a similarly sized EUE coupling.

Additionally, because the ATA remains centralized there are no limits to pump size.

The ATA also has the unique ability for 3/4 inch coil tubing to bypass the anchor smoothly regardless of orientation within the tubing.

The ATA Torque Anchor uses wedge shaped anchoring blocks which bite into the casing wall when right hand torque is generated in the tubing string. These anchoring blocks are spring loaded so that transfer of torque to the casing is immediate (clockwise) and the tubing string may be freely rotated to the left (counter-clockwise).

ATA - Advanced Torque Anchor Bypass

In most configurations, the ATA Torque Anchor offers greater than 95% of the potential bypass available past a similarly sized EUE coupling.

The ATA can also pass 3/4 inch coil tubing without obstruction with the designed-in bypass angles.


  • Tubing back-off for progressing cavity pump applications
  • Deep wells and  horizontal wells
  • Heavy oil situations
  • Anchoring with maximum bypass requirements

Features & Benefits

  • Robust, reliable design
  • Spring-loaded anchor blocks
  • Simple to use
  • Provides maximum bypass
  • Sand ports allow for sand evacuation from below
  • Easily to redress, extending tool life

Patents Pending

Running Procedure

The running procedure of the ATA Torque Anchor is straightforward. The anchor is installed below the pump and can be run in and out of the well freely. When the anchor has reached the required depth, the application of approximately 300ft-lbs right hand torque, will securely engage the anchoring blocks to the casing wall. The setting torque may now be locked in and the pump operation started.

To disengage the anchor, simply stop the pump operation and relax initial setting torque.


The tool life of the ATA can be extended with the use of Evolution's Redress Kits.  A properly redressed tool can last the life of the well, and beyond.



Advanced Torque Anchor ATA