ES-2 Lock Mandrel

Prevents both upward and downward movement

ES-2 Lock Mandrel Technical Data Sheet

ES-2 Lock Mandrel
Product Data Sheet

Prevents both upward and downward movement






  • Straightforward installation and removal
  • Robust design
  • Prevent both upward and downward movement
  • Retractable locking keys (dogs)

Baker® is a registered trademark of Baker Hughes Inc.

The Evolution Model ES-2 Lock Mandrel has two up-facing and two down-facing locking dogs to prevent both upward and downward movement.

The Baker®-style ES-2 Lock Mandrel No-Go is intrinsic to the lock mandrel itself.  It has an external fishing neck.



The ES-2 Lock Mandrel is run downhole with the EC-1 Running Tool with appropriate locator ring.  While running-in, the up facing locks are trailing and during pulling the down facing locks are trailing

The made-up tool string is lowered in the well to just above the desired seating nipple, and then the tool string weight is now taken up.

The Lock Mandrel is then set in the seating nipple profile with moderate downward jarring. Upward strain will indicate the ES-2 has locked in the nipple. Subsequent upward jarring will shear the running tool pins, releasing the EC-1 Running Tool from the lock assembly. Once the shearing sequence is complete the ES-2 Lock Mandrel will be retained in the profile nipple.


ES-2 Lock Mandrel



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