SLXX Separation Sleeve

Straddles and packs off above and below the flow ports

SLXX Separation Sleeve

SLXX Separation Sleeve
Technical Data Sheet

SLXX Separation Sleeve OI

SLXX Separation Sleeve
Operating Instructions

Straddles and packs off above and below the flow ports




  • Blanking off the ports in a sliding sleeve
  • Shutting off flow from the casing zone
  • Allowing flow from a lower zone



  • Straddles and packs off above and below flow ports
  • Allows flow from the lower zone up through the middle of the tool
  • Pressure is equalized by breaking the equalization plug

Otis® is a registered trademark of Halliburtion

The purpose of the Evolution SLXX Separation Sleeve is as a remedy when a Sliding Sleeve in the tubing string is thought to be leaking due to wear or will not shift to the closed position due to downhole conditions.

Without pulling up the entire tubing string, a Separation Sleeve can be run down and locked into the profile grooves in the Sliding Sleeve upper sub.

In the installed position, the two seal stacks of the Separation Sleeve sit in the upper and lower sub seal bores, acting as a stint, effectively isolating the Sliding Sleeve.

Since the Separation Sleeve is hollow, it will still allow flow up the tubing, and not be complicated by the co-mingling effects of any leakage from the now bypassed Sliding Sleeve.



The separation sleeve assembly is made up of a SLX Lock Mandrel and the separation sleeve assembly.

Lower the Separation Sleeve into the wellbore using an SLX Running Tool. Jar the lower packing stack through the upper seal bore of the desired X-Sliding Sleeve and into the second.  This allows for the Lock Mandrel to locate in the locking profile.

Set the Lock Mandrel and remove the tool string from the wellbore.

SLXX Separation Sleeve




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