ELWE Separation Sleeve

Straddles and packs off above and below the flow ports

ELWE Separation Sleeve

ELWE Separation Sleeve
Technical Data Sheet

Straddles and packs off above and below the flow ports




  • Blanking off the ports in a sliding sleeve
  • Shutting off flow from the casing zone
  • Allowing flow from a lower zone



  • Straddles and packs off above and below flow ports
  • Allows flow from the lower zone up through the middle of the tool
  • Pressure is equalized by breaking the equalization plug

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The Evolution Oil Tools ELWE Separation Sleeve is used to isolate the ports in various Evolution Sliding Sleeves, such as EL, SLFU, SLFD, NEFU, and NEFD. Installed, it effectively isolates the tubing from the casing, regardless of whether the Sliding Sleeve is open or closed.





The ELWE is run using an EC-1 Running Tool. It is run downhole until the no-go shoulder on the ELWE locates above the upper seal bore of a Sliding Sleeve. The trailing dogs in the ELWE expand into the locking profile in a Sliding Sleeve, securing the ELWE Separation Sleeve in place. Downward jarring shears pins in the Running Tool, releasing it from the Separation Sleeve.



To pull an ELWE, run in with a model EA Guide and an EA Equalizing Prong down onto the Separation Sleeve. The Equalizing Prong will break off an equalizing plug inside the bore of the Separation Sleeve, allowing equalization to begin. Retrieve the EA Guide/EA Equalizing Prong to surface, and when equalized, then run back downhole again with an ERB Pulling Tool having an attached EB probe.

This will latch onto the fishneck of the ELWE Lock Mandrel while simultaneously collapsing the locking dogs, releasing the Separation Sleeve to be retrieved from the well.


ELWE Separation Sleeve



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