EL Sliding Sleeve Redress Kits

Prolong the life of your EL sliding sleeves with our redress kits




Features & Benefits


  • Extends tool life
  • Reduces overall operating costs

The Evolution Model EL Sliding Sleeve is a down hole device, normally screwed into the production tubing, that allows communication between the tubing and the casing.

Using the EL Sliding Sleeve Redress Kit, tool life can be extended and costs reduced.





1. The Inner Sleeve is always assembled from the lower end of the Housing.

2. Replace the O-rings on both the Upper and Lower Sub.

3. Replace the two (2) Seals on the upper end of the Inner Sleeve.

4. Apply Jet Lube AP-1 Grease (or equivalent) to the I.D. of the Housing, the entire surface of the Inner Sleeve, and the I.D. of the Upper and Lower Sub Ends.

5. Apply Thread Sealant/Lubricant to the stub acme threads on the Upper and Lower Sub Ends.

6. Install the Upper Sub onto the Housing.

7. Insert the Inner Sleeve into the Housing. Make sure it is shifted until it hits the stop point of the Upper Sub.

8. Install the Lower Sub onto the Housing.

9. Shift the Inner Sleeve down the fully closed position.

10. Pressure test to 6,000 PSI maximum.



Part No. Tubing
Seal Material O-Rings
100269 2 3/8 60mm HNBR Seals Viton O-rings
100270 2 7/8 73mm
100271 3 1/2 89mm


EL Sliding Sleeve Redress Kits



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