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Studded E-Plus Rotator 7 1/16 x 3000# w/Viton Seals


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Studded E-Plus Rotator 7-1/16 x 3000# w/Viton Seals


Studded E-Plus Rotator 7 1/16" x 3000# with Viton Seals

The Evolution Studded E-Plus Rotator 7 1/16" x 3000# with Viton Seals was developed as part of a system primarily designed to extend the life of production tubing in beam pumping and PC pumping well.

Using a Tubing Rotator can extend the life of down-hole tubing by up to ten times in certain circumstances; by equalizing the tubing wear around the entire ID of the tubing instead of wearing through in a single spot.

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