32-A Tension Set Packer

The 32-A Tension Set Packer is a versatile, easy to use tension set tool, which holds differential pressure from above or below.




  • Squeeze cementing
  • Testing
  • Stimulation treatments
  • Straddle operations
  • Zone isolation

Features & Benefits


  • Holds pressure from above or below
  • Internal safety joint above J-pins
  • Safety release allows circulation above slips
  • Full opening
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Bi-directional slips
  • Available in left or right-hand set




The 32-A Tension Set Packer is designed to run, set, reset and retrieve easily even under adverse conditions. It is ideal for squeeze cementing, casing testing, stimulation treatments and straddle operations using a retrievable bridge plug. Full-bore design minimizes the potential for screen-out during fracturing, does not restrict flow rates and allows the use of through-tubing tools without pulling the packer.

The 32-A Tension Set Packer is run with the SC Tension Unloader Valve above the tool, allowing equalization of the fluid levels while running the tool to setting depth.

Product Specifications

32-A Tension Packer Specifications

32-A Tension Set Packer


SC Unloader Valve