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Evolution Managers Shaun Wold and Mike Derkach Attend the 2013 Heavy Oil Latin America (HOLA) Conference & Exhibition

Latin America Heavy Oil Conference and Exposition

Report: We did not attend the first day of the conference because we were at meetings in Houston. However, today was day 2 of the HOLA Conference and it was a very interesting experience for us. EOT is looking to expand our tool offering in Mexico and we had meetings with Service Companies that are well established in Mexico.

Evolution Oil Tools has an opportunity to move our Artificial Lift Systems (ALS) tools and Flow Control tools to two different companies with operations based in Mexico. Evolution’s ALS equipment is designed to work perfectly in Heavy Oil applications, from our robust Dynamic Torque Anchors to the Heavy Oil PCP Gas Separators.

Evolution Oil Tools Attends 2013 Heavy Oil Latin America



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