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Horizontal Well Stimulation Improves Production Using High Pressure Jetting Technology

Well Stimulation Overview

Heavy oil inflow into the wellbore from unconsolidated sandstone reservoirs can be restricted in several ways. The restricting mechanisms can be difficult to identify and effectively treat. Heavy oil wells with long perforated liners also pose the challenge of low bottom hole pressure causing lost circulation during intervention. One of the first means of treating wellbore inflow problems is to apply an effective wellbore clean out program. Evolution’s Rota Jet Cavitator Tool effectively removes debris from the wellbore while also applying direct hydraulic jetting pressure to the casing wall and slotted perforations or screens.

The following data was collected during an operational test of our Rota Jet Cavitator Tool:

Rota Jet Cavitator Tool

Job Parameters


  • Five extended reach horizontal heavy oil injection and producing wells.
  • Job design consisted of tubing lock up analysis, pump pressure calculations, tubing sizing, annular flow path pressure drop prediction and tool string design.
  • Slotted Liner: 114mm and 139mm
  • Liner Tie Back String: 114 mm
  • Vertical Depth: 480 mTVD
  • Total Depth: 2300 mMD – 2900 mMD
  • BHP: 3,000 kPa – 5,000 kPa
  • Workover Fluid: Fresh Water





  • Production increase of 2.5x.
  • 12 days of continuous pumping.
  • Net volume pumped: 10,000m3 of crude oil, water, 50% - 100% intermittent nitrogen cut.
  • Nozzles maintaining original specification and Evolution Roto-Jetting tool not requiring repair.
  • Wells were “TD’d” in a field where getting to bottom has been a rare occurrence.
  • Net volume of sand and asphaltene recovered greater than casing capacity.


Rota Jet in the Field

With results like these, the Rota Jet Cavitator is a clear choice for your wellbore clean outs, stimulation, abrasive-jetting, cutting and drilling applications.


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