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ADIPEC 2013 Day 2 Update



Evolution Oil Tools at ADIPEC 2013
Evolution Oil Tools at ADIPEC 2013


Evolution Oil Tools Managers Shaun Wold, Darren Hallock and Dion Poole attended and manned our booth along with our Middle East and North African (MENA) Agent - Integrated Petroleum Services (IPS) / TIPOCO.

Day # 2 at ADIPEC was the day for pre-scheduled meetings.

EOT and IPS Managers met with Managers from Abu Dhabi Marine Operating Company (ADMA-OPCO) to begin the process of qualification of our products and services to be offered to them. The ADMA Managers had confirmed that Evolution Oil Tools offered products can be used by the company and the discussion of other product design advancements were also held and would commence after approval process.

EOT Managers also met with a large Abu Dhabi Manufacturer with a great track record of manufacturing Oil & Gas Tools / Products for a few of the major global service companies. We have been invited for a tour of their facility on the last day of ADIPEC and will have the tour there at 2:00pm local time on Wednesday the 13th.

We held a follow up meeting here at ADIPEC with a Russian based CNC Manufacturing & Packer company. This was based on an initial meeting between our companies was held in June of 2013 and this follow up meeting has secured further business discussions between the two sides.