Hydraulic Setting Tool

Ultra-reliable wireline setting tool

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Ultra-reliable setting tool



  • Used to set packers and other equipment in the well.


  • Multiple stage pistons eliminate high-activation pressures.
  • Can be run with jointed tubing or coiled tubing.
  • Easy field service.

The Hydraulic Setting Tool is a pressure-activated setting tool used to set wireline retrievable plugs, permanent packers, bridge plugs, cement retainers or other types of completion equipment. The setting tool is connected to the end of the tubing string and run to depth.

Pressuring up the tubing string activates the hydraulic pistons. The force multiplies as the pressure passes through each piston stage, providing the needed force to set the downhole equipment. Once the equipment is set, the ports of the setting tool are open, allowing the well to be pressure tested or circulated and providing pressure equalization of the tubing/annulus prior to retrieval of the tubing string.



Coiled Tubing




Tool OD



Setting Pressure



External Collapse Pressure











1 - 2.875

(25.4 - 73.02)



1800 - 3800

(12 - 26)



2.375 EUE


Baker® 10

Baker® 20



Baker® is a registered trademark of Baker Hughes Inc.

Strain in Pounds Necessary to Set a Packer Run on an Evolution Hydraulic Setting Tool



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Hydraulic Setting Tool

Hydraulic Setting Tool


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