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Evolution Oil Tools has a complete selection of Setting Tools and accessories  for Completions and accessories to meet your needs.

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Setting Tools and Accessories

Crossover Sub

Evolution’s Crossovers provide safe connections between joints of different sizes and types....

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E Hydro-Trip Sub

The Evolution Model E Hydro-Trip Sub is used to hydraulically set tools, such as hydraulic packers...

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Hydraulic Setting Tool

Ultra-reliable wireline setting tool

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K-1 Snap Latch / NC1 Mechanical Setting Tool

The Evolution Model K-1 Snap Latch Setting Tool is used to mechanically set Model K-1 Cement...

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Mechanical Setting Tool

The Evolution WCT Mechanical Setting Tool is a dependable tool for setting cement retainers and...

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T-2 On/Off Tool

The T-2 On/Off Tool from Evolution is a high pressure, left hand release, tubing disconnect device....

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