R3 Retrievable Casing Packer

The R3 Double Grip is a truly versatile set down-type packer. It performs reliably in production, stimulation and testing operations.

R3 Retrievable Casing Packer

R3 Packer
Technical Data Sheet

Versatile down-type packer



  • Production, testing and injection
  • Zone isolation

Features & Benefits


  • Fully retrievable
  • Hydraulic button-type hold down
  • Built-in differential lock system
  • Single or Double-Grip configurations



The Evolution Model R3 Retrievable Casing Packer is a retrievable set-down packer that features a large bypass area through the Packer.  The bypass area is controlled by a face-seal type bypass valve which is actuated by a 30 inch stroke mandrel.  The Packer is available in a single-grip version for use as a conventional long-stroke production packer and in a double-grip version (with hold-down) for combination production and well stimulation operations.



The double-grip packer, for use where pressure differential from below the packer is anticipated, features an integral hydraulic button-type hold down that is located below the bypass. It also incorporates a unique, built-in “differential lock” which utilizes a balance sleeve actuated by pressure from below the packer. This pressure creates an additional downward force which, combined with set-down weight, helps maintain the force necessary to keep the bypass valve closed.


Running Procedure

The Model R3 Retrievable Casing Packer is run in with the bypass valve in the open position to permit free circulation both through and around the packer. The packer, which is mechanically set by means of a J-Slot arrangement, should be run one foot below setting depth and then raised to the required position (to properly position the J-Slot). To release from the J-Slot, pick up the tubing, rotate to the right, and then slack off. The J-Pin will move clear of the J-Slot and the Cone will move under the slips. Application of set-down weight closes and seals the bypass valve, sets the slips and packs off the packing elements. The formation below the packer, which is now completely isolated from the annulus above, is accessible only through the tubing string.


To release the packer, raise the tubing string the full length of the packer. When the J-Pin shoulders, the J-Slot will be re-engaged, since the J-Pins on the Bottom Sub are so spaced as to always have one J-Pin located in the J-Slot when the R3 Single and Double-Grip Retrievable Casing Packers tubing is picked up. When the tubing is lowered slightly, the J-Pin automatically engages the J-Slot if no right-hand torque is in the tubing at the tool.


When the tubing is raised to release the packer, the bypass valve opens to permit circulation through and around the packer.


R3 Packer


R3 Packer Specifications


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