SLXN Lock Mandrel

The Evolution Model SLXN Lock Mandrel is built for use with SLXN (Otis® XN) Profile Nipples.

SLXN Lock Mandrel Technical Data Sheet

SLXN Lock Mandrel
Product Data Sheet

Controlled locating, landing, and locking




  • Selective sub-surface controls with SLXN (Otis® XN) Profile Nipples
  • Plugging under pressure
  • Deploying instrument hangers for bottomhole pressure/temperature measurements
  • Positive locator for straddle systems
  • Nearly unlimited locations for setting and locking subsurface flow controls



  • Straightforward installation and removal
  • Robust design
  • Retractable locking keys
  • Locks designed to hold pressure from above or below or from sudden reversals
  • Extra-large ID for higher flow volumes

Otis® is a registered trademark of Halliburton

The Evolution Model SLXN Lock Mandrel is built for use with SLXN (Otis® XN) Profile Nipples.

The lock mandrel has two locking keys, or dogs, to prevent both upward and downward movement once the device is engaged in the nipple.  It has no No-Go intrinsic to the lock mandrel itself.

The tool also features an internal fishing neck.




Attach the SLXN Lock Mandrel, and the accompanying Flow Control devices to an SLX Running Tool.  Lower the tools into the tubing, to the required depth.

The running tool will hold the locking keys of the SLXN Lock Mandrel in the retracted position until the desired landing nipple is reached.

As the packing section of the Flow Control device passes through the seal bores section of the landing nipples, the resulting loss of weight will show on the weight indicator.

To set into an SLXN Bottom No-Go Landing Nipple, and if there is no landing nipple between the surface and the target nipple the running tool must be put into the control position by hand at surface.

The Lock Mandrel can also be tripped downhole on a SLX Nipple immediately above the target SLXN.  Passing through the nipple above the target sets the dogs and keys on the Lock Mandrel in the expanded position, ready to be set as the tools enter the target nipple.

Setting down on the running tool will set the Lock Mandrel.  Jar down to firmly set the tool, and then jar up to shear the lower pin.

SLXN Lock Mandrel

SLXN Lock Mandrel


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