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Artificial Lift Products

Evolution has a full offering of Artificial Lift products and accessories to meet your needs.

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Artificial Lift from Evolution Oil Tools
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Artificial Lift Tools

Evolution Oil Tools has a complete selection of Artificial Lift Tools and accessories to meet your needs.


Torque Anchors

The major component of the Artificial Lift Tools products that we offer, is our range of Torque Anchors. All of our Torque Anchors provide you with a simple, economical and reliable solution to prevent tubing back off when PC pumping.

Depending on the conditions present, we can offer you with our Advanced Torque Anchor (ATA), Centralizing Torque Anchor (CTA), B2 Anchor Catcher, Hydraulic "R" Anchor, or our Quarter-Turn Anchor.


Tubing Rotators

Our Tubing Rotators complement our Torque Anchors in saving you from potential down time and rig expense, as well as reducing maintenance costs. The CTR Tubing Rotator was designed to extend the life of your tubing string by rotating the tubing. This assures that the sucker rods do not wear against only one spot fo the tubing, which will cause premature tubing failure. The E Style Tubing Rotator offers the same benefits of the CTR, but with a low profile design feature that helps to keep the overall wellhead height to a minimum.

Find out more about our line of Tubing Rotators.


Tubing Rotator Questionnaire


Anti-Vibration Subs

Anti-Vibration tools help reduce the harmonic vibrations caused by the PC Pump to prevent premature wear of the casing, tubing, tubing anchor, rod string, and other downhole tools. Our Rotating Anti-Vibration Sub (RAVS) is designed to be run with the tubing string when a tubing rotator is used to keep the tubing centralized.


Tubing Swivels

Tubing Swivels are an absolute requirement to any Artificial Lift system. The Evolution E-Swivel Slim One-Way Swivel is designed to be run in conjunction with the Evolution Tubing Rotator on pumping wells that utilize a progressive cavity pump and an anti-rotation anchor. While the Evolution E-Swivel Slim Two-Way Tubing Swivel is used with tubing rotators to allow the tubing to be rotated during production. The swivel is designed to allow torque anchors to be set.


Gas Separators / Intakes

Evolution offers two unique Downhole Gas Separators to significantly increase pump efficiency and oil production.

Our PC Pump Gas Separator uses centrifugal forces to separate the gas from the produced liquids before they enter the pump. Liquids are carried through into the pump while the separated gas is forced to flow up the annulus.

The Evolution Oil Tools Beam Pump Gas Separator is designed to provide a method of allowing gas to migrate up the annulus, thereby preventing gas locking. The unique modular design makes it the most flexible Downhole Gas Separator available on the market.

We also offer a Bottom Feeder Weighted Eccentric Intake and a V-Backed Stainless Steel Pump Intake as well.


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