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Completion Tools Brochure


Completion Tools

Evolution Oil Tools has a complete selection of Packers and  Completion Equipment and accessories.


Bridge Plugs / Cement Retainers

We offer versions of Bridge Plugs and Cement Retainers that can be set either by wireline or mechanically.

All our Bridge Plugs and Cement Retainers are available in a wide range of sizes for all common casing weights. They are all designed to be easily and quickly drilled out.

Our Mechanical Setting Tool is a compact, economical tool design for setting Evolution's Bridge Plugs and Cement Retainers on Tubing.

Evolution offers a Permanent Bridge Plug, as well as a the WR Retrievable Bridge Plug, and a high performance drillable cast iron Cement Retainer.



Packers are to used to isolate the annulus and anchor or secure the bottom of the production tubing string. Evolution offers a range of production packer designs to suit your wellbore geometry and production requirements.

Our Packer offering includes Retrievable Production Packers and accessories.

They range from the 32-A Tension Set Packer, Lock Set Packer, AD-1 Tension Packer, ADL-1 Tension Packer, Coiled Tubing Smart-J Tension Packer, FH Hydrostatic Double Grip Packer, G Retrievable Casing Packer, AS1-X Arrowset Packer, PS-TXT Packer, R3 Retrievable Casing Packer, and the Two Cup Packer.


Setting Tools & Accessories

Evolution has a complete selection of Setting Tools and Accessories to meet your Completions needs.

E Hydro-Trip Sub, Hydraulic Setting Tool, Pump Out Plugs, and T-2 On/Off Tool.

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